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A Banner Ad Comeback? Sure looks like it! (articles & quotes)

The author of this page affectionately calls this his "Banner Ad Comeback Manifesto".

Annoyed by an animated banner ad? Just tap your Escape key. (Try it!)

Google buys banner giant DoubleClick for $3.1 Billion in Cash!
Google buying DoubleClick (see below) was a $3.1 Billion Banner Bombshell!

First Banner Ad Ever! (AT&T in Wired 1994)

First Banner Ad EVER on web by ATT from Wired in 1994!
Above is what the first banner ad ever looked like on October 25, 1994.

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Banner ads work (Twice?) more effectively than we thought.

Top Sites of America Web Sites List = 2007 Topsite of the Year

Banner ads give you something other ads cannot... CLICKS!

The Reports of the banner ad's death were greatly exaggerated.

Please stop bashing traditional banner ads. Banner ads work!

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Can Banner Ads actually work BETTER than Traditional Advertising?

Can you Click-Through from a Billboard you saw on a highway? NO!

Can you Click-Through off a printed ad you see in a Newspaper? NO!

Can you Click-Through off a printed ad you read in a Magazine? NO!

Can you Click-Through from that ad you watched on Television? NO!

Can you Click-Through from that ad you listened to on a Radio? NO!

Can you Click-Through from Info you got in a business mailing? NO!

Can you Click-Through from another type of offline advertising? NO!

Can you Click-Through (Instantly?) from an online Banner Ad? YES!

Indeed, banner ads CAN do something other ads cannot... Get Clicks!

Is there any Click Fraud problem in CPM banner ad campaigns? NO!

Can you actually advertise your very own banner ad for FREE? YES!

20 ways to make a Baner Ad Online FREE!
20 Different Websites for you to Make a Banner Ad Online for FREE!

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Every business web site should have a standard-size (468x60) banner ad as their very own "Billboard on the Information Super-Highway"!

Hopefully, the above articles and quotes will provide some food for thought to all those people who are STILL thinking that the banner ad is dead. Sure, we've all probably seen it written someplace before, but that doesn't mean it is true. Here's something that is clearly true - nobody likes annoying pop-up ads shoved in their face.

Some online ad agencies that still sell pop-ups (despite wide use of pop-up blockers) argue semantics on whether rich-media interstitial or newfangled superstitial ads are actually pop-ups. To most people, ads that pop up are pop-ups, regardless if they come in on top, under or sideways. (ANY ads covering up content are just as bad!)

Sadly, these intrusive high-tech ads are probably only going to get worse and become even more commonplace. Predictably, the backlash will keep on growing too. Some companies evidently have to learn the hard way. The Carolina Banner Exchange was literally founded to help in this cause. Although a small effort comparatively, maybe it will reinforce the saying "Nothing could be finer than to live in Carolina"? Or should it be "Nothing could be finer than to surf in Carolina on the internet"? Join Carolina Banner Exchange to earn 500 FREE banner ad impressions!

If you own a company in the Carolinas and are considering any unpleasant web advertising campaign, DON'T do it! Just Say NO! Leave the dark side and TRY US!

NOTE: Carolina Banner Exchange is ONLY for web sites in North or South Carolina! If your site is based elsewhere in The USA, join The American Banner Exchange NOW! If your site is based OUTSIDE of The USA, we will suggest The Worldwide Banner Exchange and/or the new Leaderboard Banner Exchange for the largest size banner ad standard (728x90) ONLY! These last 2 services are still under construction.

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Our background? Map of Carolina with no border between North and South (1676)

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