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Join Carolina Banner Exchange, get 500 FREE banner ads.
Carolina Banner Exchange

Join Charleston Banner Exchange, get 1,000 FREE banner ads.
Charleston Banner Exchange

Join American Banner Exchange, get 1,000 FREE banner ads.
American Banner Exchange

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Worldwide Banner Exchange - Geo-Targeted Ad Campaigns Free.
Worldwide Banner Exchange
(Expected Opening: Q4 2017)

Leaderboard Banner Exchange - Geo-Targeted Ad Campaigns
Leaderboard Banner Exchange
(Expected Opening: Q4 2017)

Join Skyscraper Banner Exchange for 1,000 FREE Skyscrapers!
Skyscraper Banner Exchange
(Expected Opening: Q4 2017)

We're now building the Worldwide Banner Exchange, but have no firm date when it'll be ready as of yet.
The Leaderboard Banner Exchange is also now under construction to promote 728x90 Leaderboard ads.
The Skyscraper Banner Exchange is under construction to promote 160x600 + 120x600 Skyscraper ads.

If you have not seen it yet, see our page on why Banner ads are making a comeback!

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NOTE: Charleston, South Carolina has long been considered THE ideal test market for new products and services, by both national and international corporations. Why? In short, it is the perfect medium-market American city for conducting surveys with accurate, yet conservative, results. After serving as a test market sample area numerous times over the years, research data gathered in Charleston has indeed proven a very good indicator of response at both the national or regional level. For one example, there is no South (or East) Charleston per se. When looking at a map, you notice almost half the local radio and television station signals go out Eastward over the Atlantic Ocean - unlike 360 degree coverage in a normal medium market city. Charleston, SC area residents are generally more sophisticated, but also have an income level slightly less than average. If you want to test ANYTHING at the city-wide level (even banner ads), Charleston is indeed the PERFECT place to get very fair sampling of behavioral results in a metro area.

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2,500 Banner impressions in Charleston Banner Exchange (Local SC area only) $25.00
2,500 Banner impressions in Carolina Banner Exchange (North/South Carolina) $25.00
2,500 Banner ad impressions in American Banner Exchange (USA Regional areas) $25.00
2,500 Banner impressions in ANY Combination of above (Local to Nationwide!) $25.00
New: One Time Fee for Member to Increase your Exchange Rate (from 2:1 to 3:2) $25.00
Special offer to design Standard Size 468x60 banner ad with your Company Logo! $10.00

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